Regulatory, customs and operational aspects of logistics under the current conditions

In the current crisis many companies are encountering new challenges and obstructions in their cross-border operations on a daily basis, which means there is a growing need for fast and effective solutions. To prevent negative impacts and minimise the risk of their occurrence, it is important for business leaders to stay informed about the latest changes in trade regulation in terms of both the law itself and how it is applied.
How EY can help?
Analysing options for continuing activities in Russia from the point of view of customs aspects and specific features of cross-border operations: pros and cons, risks, and potential impacts.
Preparing a defence file for management taking into account the risks of each option from the point of view of regulatory requirements, including customs administration aspects.

Advice on re-arranging contracts for supplies of goods across the Russian border, including assistance in addressing the following issues:

  • making deals with residents of other countries, including EAEU states
  • revision of existing contractual arrangements (obligations of the parties, delivery terms, point of transfer of supplier’s and buyer’s risks, contract currency, payment due dates, force majeure circumstances, et al.)
  • analysing the implications of the non-fulfilment of contractual obligations.
Comprehensive analysis of contracts with service providers, particularly freight forwarders, carriers and customs brokers (including additions and amendments to existing contracts with providers of forwarding and customs services).

Analysing the implications of non-compliance with currency law in light of new rules aimed at:

  • regulating the sale of export revenue in foreign currency
  • regulating certain currency operations
  • establishing restrictions and prohibitions.
Assessing the implications of advance payment for goods. Analysing the feasibility of receiving payment for goods sold in transit (outside Russia).
Advice on complying with customs regulations when using certain customs procedures (temporary import, all types of processing of goods, and others) that must be completed / extended / modified in the event of changes in essential terms of foreign trade contracts and in the obligations of the counterparties.

Assessing risks associated with the non-fulfilment of obligations by a foreign counterparty (a supplier of goods), and particularly obligations to submit documents for the purposes of:

  • declaring goods
  • applying customs benefits / preferences / preferential procedures
  • the non-application of restrictions / anti-dumping measures in relation to goods supplied
  • compliance with non-tariff regulatory measures.
Management of risks relating to the determination of the country of origin of goods made using Russian raw materials / components for import into foreign states in the context of restrictions.
Lobbying on a company’s behalf for changes to the statutory framework in accordance with which prohibitions and restrictions are imposed on the exportation and importation of goods from/to Russia.
Analysing restrictions imposed by foreign states on Russia and retaliatory measures adopted by Russia which directly or indirectly affect a company's cross-border operations based on its product range (TN VED EAEU / OKPD 2 descriptions and codes of goods supplied, country of origin and importing country).

Assessing risks associated with the accurate declaration of the customs value of goods. In particular, assessing the customs implications of:

  • planned capital withdrawal via dividends / royalty payments / intra-group payments / increases in transfer (purchase) prices
  • changes in transport costs
  • changes to delivery terms
  • the conclusion of new foreign trade contracts
  • the importation of goods into Russia via other EAEU countries.
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